Our Mission

The mission of the Cajun Music Preservation Society is to promote, preserve, & enhance the awareness & appreciation of traditional Cajun music within the southeast region of Louisiana.

To ensure traditional Cajun music remains viable in southeast Louisiana, the group hosts a jam every other Wednesday at the Venetian in Thibodaux and invites musicians of all skill levels and all ages to join in. The Cajun Music Preservation Society was founded by Tysman Charpentier, Allyse Ferrara, Quenton Fontenot, and Misty Leigh McElroy.

The Cajun Music Preservation Society established their presence in March 2014 and their first jam session was held on April 24, 2014 in Thibodaux, LA. They have hosted multiple Cajun jams and have had over 60 individual musicians participate in at least one jam.

The Cajun Music Preservation Society has had a presence at several festivals and other public events in our area.  You may see have seen a band named Cajun Music Preservation Society and wonder why it’s a group of different musicians than before!  When we are asked to provide a band for a festival, we simply gather up traditional Cajun musicians and put them all on stage together.  The variable configuration of musicians ensures each show will be a unique experience that you will only be able to experience by actually being at the performance.

So, whether it is supporting a laid-back Cajun jam or organizing a group of professional musicians for the festival stage, the Cajun Music Preservation Society is working to ensure the persistence of traditional Cajun Music!!

“My father, grandfather, great-grandfather, they all played the fiddle… and you see, through my music, I feel they are still alive.” – Dewey Balfa